Say Hello To The Lesser Known Vietnamese Lacquerware

Stumped on what to buy home for your loved ones after your Vietnam trip? Vietnamese handicraft is an excellent option! And more particularly, Vietnamese lacquerware!

Vietnamese Handicraft On Fleek

Apart from lacquerware, other popular Vietnamese handicraft encompasses ceramics, handmade decor, wooden and bamboo items, postcards, paintings, propaganda posters, and more! 

Point is, you won’t be able to buy every single handmade product Vietnam has to offer, so why not buy one of the most unique?

Vietnam lacquerware is one of the best mementoes to bring home for your friends and family. A typical lacquer handicraft uses resin, which is applied in multiple layers on a wooden surface. This resin is usually extracted from the bark of trees and is used to achieve the distinct vibrant hue that lacquerware has come to be known for.

A couple of examples of lacquerware products include paintings, furniture, vases, bowls, and jewellery boxes.

Additionally, each piece of lacquerware is also a unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece. There’s no mass robotic production method here — only pure, time-consuming, intimate work and masterful skill from the lacquer artisan.

Depending on the complexity of the item, skilled lacquer craftsmen could take from days up to weeks to complete a single item. This is due to the labour intensive process comprising many stages of sealing and decorating with engravings of the lacquerware. 

Indeed, lacquerware products from Vietnam are truly an iconic souvenir fit for any art and design enthusiasts.

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